Buffer TankMODEL (BT-SS-1050L)

Buffer Tank BT-SS-1050L range has been designed mainly for the H-VAC rental industry to support chillers using glycol and various fluids. The range comes with built-in flanges suitable for various applications.

Capacity: 1050 Litres | 277 Gallons | 231 Imp. Gallons

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Metric Imperial US
1050 Litres 277 Gallons 231 Gallons
1153 mm 3ft 9 3/8 in 3ft 9 3/8 in
1145 mm 3ft 9 1/16 in 3ft 9 1/16 in
1146 mm 3ft 9 1/8 in 3ft 9 1/8 in
Outer Tank Thickness
2.5 mm 1/8 in 1/8 in
Weight, Tare
240 kg 529lbs, 2 oz 529lbs, 2 oz
Weight, Laden
1230 kg 2711lbs, 11 oz 2711lbs, 11 oz
Safe Fill Level
1010 Litres 267 Gallons 222 Gallons

Approvals and Certifications

Enhanced Design Features


The Buffer Tank range from 1050L to 3000L and is guaranteed for the safe and secure transfer of coolant and should be lifted when empty only. The Buffer tank range is transportable from 1050L up to 3000L.


The Buffer tank range is available in single and double wall configuration. Each tank has multiple DN100 inlets and outlets. Outlets are fitted with Diffusers to reduce swirling that could restrict the flow of liquids from the outlet. The adjustable weir plate in the centre of each Buffer tank allows for more control on the buffer tank function. The weir plate can be removed completely for unrestricted flow through the buffer tank.

Unique Design Standard

The AC-BT double wall tanks are designed as integral secondary containment and therefore, do not require independent bunds for leak containment. This innovative design feature gives the benefit of protected space for insulation and restricts contact with hot surfaces.


This design ensures a fast, easy and convenient installation in any location, indoors or outdoors.


The Cube-style tank design allows for 360-degree tank viewing and inspection. A single wall stainless steel primary tank on the BT-SS product and a high-grade paint finish on the outer tank of the AC-BT ensures longer durability in the elements.

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