AceCube Road Tow Variations

The AceCube Road Tow Bunded Fuel Storage Tank Range has been designed and constructed to carry fuel volumes ranging from 450 Liters to 3000 Liters and fit precisely onto single-axle and twin-axle road tow trailers. To ensure stability and safety the Road Tow Range comes equipped with pre-designed trailer connection points, which are positioned under the bi-directional base frame.

AceCube Road Tow Range

AceCube Road Tow

Sizes: 450L to 3000L

AceCube Professional Road Tow Range

AceCube Professional Road Tow

Sizes: 450L to 2000L

The AceCube Road Tow Trailers are available to order in a galvanised finish or a black powder matt paint. Standard features consist of a third wheel jockey, reverse brakes, stabilisers, inbuilt countersunk tail light fittings with protection cover, mud guards, heavy duty ball hitch and a brake away cable. All trailers are solely designed to fit the AceCube Tank Range.

The AceCube Range has undergone strict testing procedures and programs guaranteeing it for safe and secure transportation under ADR regulations on all major roadways. This is one of the many reasons why the AceCube’s innovative road tow design is the preferred choice for industry leaders and decision makers across all sectors.

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